What is Perfect Home Tech?

Because your home shouldn’t be anything less than perfect

Consultation and Sales

Perfect Home Tech was born out of the desire to share the magnificence and power of high fidelity and complex sound, frequently coupled with the beauty and excitement of visual entertainment — and the networking infrastructure often required to support both. Let us help you assess your goals, and find the Perfect way to achieve them.

Although a finished system may become complex, we make sure the user experience is simple, allowing ease of operation customized to any user’s technological skill level. After extensive research and thorough investigation of all possibilities, Mike will create the Perfect system for any situation.

Installation and Integration

We benefit from more than 10 years’ experience in high-end remodeling, carpentry and other trades, giving us the knowledge and experience to perform a Perfect physical installation. A deep knowledge of networking and wi-fi enable total control and reliability of installations.

Most installs done by others stop there. We follow up and remain engaged to make sure the system is performing as expected, and make necessary adjustments until no barriers impede total enjoyment of the client’s system.

Custom Solutions

Frequently thinking outside the box to create the perfect system for any client’s needs and desires, no project is too difficult or too complicated. With our unique, broad and complementary skills, we have the knowledge and access to metal, wood and plastic fabrication tools to make any custom idea a reality. With our creativity, experience and vision, we are uniquely qualified to get you to your goal.

Who is perfect home tech?

mike ajamian

CEO & Founder

Born in San Francisco and raised in Marin County, Mike’s love of music and technology both stem from childhood. Growing up in a musical household, Michael started on the piano at age 8 and continues to play today. Not long thereafter he began tinkering with computers, photography, film making and audio manipulation, muscle cars, and unique ideas and gadgets. These passions have been strong influences throughout his life, and all add up to a unique and powerful combination of skills and experiences. Quality, Value, and Precision are among the many guiding principles of Perfect Home Tech.

Another strong influence in Mike’s success and interest in home entertainment installation is his time spent working in construction. Learning the trades from his father who started a high-end construction firm as an immigrant to the USA, Mike’s experience remodeling and building luxurious custom homes for over a decade has provided a unique insight to the framing and building techniques used to build a house, allowing him to minimize damage to the integrity and finishes of a home while seamlessly integrating audio and visual components.

Rounding out the technological side of his knowledge, Mike has earned Cisco certification and worked for several years as a Network Administrator, gaining an advanced knowledge of modern networking. This experience has proved priceless in our modern era of connected devices, streaming media services and smart home technology. He has also supported many corporate and home clients with PC, Apple and Android devices and computers as an independent consultant.


We Have The Perfect Solution

Sales and Installation

Authorized reseller of

  • Paradigm Speakers
  • Anthem Electronics
  • Sony
  • Denon
  • URC Total Control
Home Theater & Media
  • TVs and Projection Systems
  • Value and High End Audio
  • 4K HDR Video and High Resolution Audio
Network & Wi-Fi
  • New systems and upgrades
  • Fast, reliable, consistent Wi-Fi
  • Troubleshooting
Smart Home
  • Lighting
  • Thermostats
  • Security Cameras
Integration and Automation
  • Universal Remote Controls
  • Whole House Automation
  • Everything in-between
Custom Solutions
  • Custom Fabricated Mounts
  • Take your entertainment outside


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